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Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0
Humidors from 10 to 60 Cubic Feet
Expandable with "Linked-Magna"
WiFi Capable
Cigar Oasis Magna Humidifier

The Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidifier is for larger cigar cabinet, armoire, and display case humidors up to 60 cubic feet. The Magna is a self-contained system with fans in the upper section, the distilled water reservoir in the lower section, and digital control unit. By adding the WiFi Module (Optional Purchase), the Cigar Oasis Magna can be monitored and adjusted remotely via the web or phone app.

Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidifier Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 WiFi Package Cigar Oasis Linked Magna Humidifier
• For Cabinet / Display Humidors
• Humidors 10 to 60 cubic feet

• Magna 2.0 + WiFi Module
• Bundle and Save

• Increases Magna Capacity
• Add Up To 6 Linked Sub-Tanks

Cigar Oasis WiFi Module Clear Crystal Water Beads Cigar Oasis Magna Extra Large Base
Cigar Oasis Wifi Module
List Price: $119.00
Sale Price: $99.00
• Remotely Monitor Humidifiers
• Receive Txt and Email Alerts

• Replacement Water Beads
• Absorb 100x Their Weight

• Extra Large Water Base
• Holds Up to 1 Gallon

Cigar Oasis Magna Fan Kit Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidifier with 220-Volt Power Adapter Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0 Humidifier with 220-Volt Power Adapter & WiFi Adapter
• Add Additional Air Circulation
• For Manga 2.0 and Magna Humidifiers

• For Cabinet / Display Humidors
• 220-Volt Power Adapter (Europe / Asia)

• Humidifier + WiFi Module
• 220-Volt Power Adapter (Europe / Asia)