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Providing Optimum Cigar Humidification and Performance

Le Veil DCH-210K Hybrid Humidifier Le Veil iCigar DCH-12v5 Digital Electronic Cigar Humidifier iCigar Pro DCH-60B Digital Electronic Cigar Humidifier by Le Veil
Le Veil DCH-210K
Price: $99.95
• Humidors from 25 to 300 cigars
• Digital Display & Control

• Humidors from 50 to 600 cigars
• Digital Display & Control

• For Cabinets and Display Cases
• Humidors up to 55 cubic ft.

Le Veil iCigar Pro DCH-60-Plus Dual Tank Digital Electronic Cigar Humidifier System Le Veil Electronic Humidifier System Clear Crystal Water Beads
• Two Tank System
• Humidors up to 110 Cubic Feet

• iCigar-Pro Expansion Tank
• Double Capacity to 110 cubic feet

• Replacement Water Beads
• Absorb 100x Their Weight

Le Veil DCH-FT12 Power Ribbon Le Veil iCigar-Pro DCH-50 Series Humidifier Power Ribbon Le Veil iCigar Pro Power Ribbon
• DCH-210 / DCH-12V Power Ribbon
• Size: 12" long x 3/8" wide

• Replacement Power Ribbon
• Size: 8' long x 3/8" wide

• Replacement Power Ribbon
• Size: 8' long x 1/2" wide