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Moist-n-Aire S-1000 Cigar Humidifier
The Moist-n-Aire S-1000 cigar humidifier is designed for end-table, cigar display case and cigar cabinet humidors up to 50 cubic feet. The Moist-n-Aire has been around forever. And with its stainless-steel construction, is one of the most economical and widely used cigar humidifier systems. There is no digital display, lights, buzzers, warning signals, or such. No need for distilled water, purified water, or chemicals. Once the dial control is set to the proper humidity, the unit will cycle on and off as needed. The Moist-n-Aire has a reservoir that holds approximately 2 quarts of water and a cork float so you can easily notice when water needs to be added. The Moist-n-Aire is available in 2 models, the S-1000 and the S-1000R. With the S-1000R, the humidistat is connected to the unit via a wire, which allows for the humidifier and controller to me placed in different locations within the humidor. For all Moist-n-Aires, a separate hygrometer gauge (digital preferred) is needed to obtain the initial humidity reading. To reach your desired humidity level, make the initial setting on the Moist-n-Aire low, and then slowly increase until the proper reading on the gauge is achieved.

Moist-n-Aire Cigar Humidifier S-1000 Moist-N-Aire S-1000R Cigar Cabinet Humidifier
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