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Prometheus Cigar Lighters Prometheus Lighters

Each Prometheus lighter is carefully assembled by hand for quality and longevity, and is available in a variety of finishes. Named after the Greek God of Fire, Prometheus lighters represent cutting-edge designs, ground breaking innovations and superb quality.

Robusto II Retro TXR II
• Twin-jet Turbo Flame
• Built-in Guillotine Cigar Cutter
• Four (4)Color Options
• Single-jet Turbo Flame
• Push Button Flint Ignition
• Four (4) Color Options
• Single-jet Turbo Flame
• Wind Resistant Design
• Two (2) Color Options
Ultimo X II Miscellaneous
• Triple Torch Flame
• Built-in Cigar Punch
• Three (3) Color Options
• Single Flame
• Twin Flame
• Triple Flame