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Boveda - 84% (60g)
Boveda One-Step Humidor Seasoning Packet

Boveda - 84%
"One-Step" Humidor Seasoning
Boveda 84% Cigar Humidor Seasoning Packet

Price: $3.95

Product Code: CAH-HBV-84

Product Description
The Boveda 84% "One-Step" cigar humidor seasoning packet will transform your new humidor into the ideal storage and aging environment for cigars, and will make sure your humidor is evenly and uniformly seasoned. Expect to wait 10 days while these packs create the perfect level of moisture in your new box. Boveda One-Step Seasoning Packets take the chore and guesswork out of seasoning and they guarantee a complete and even equilibration of moisture without causing mold, a mustiness smell, or warping, as commonly happens when following traditional seasoning methods.

Boveda offers two-way humidity control specifically designed for desktop humidors. Each Boveda consists of a specially prepared saturated solution of pure water and natural salt contained within a water-vapor permeable “reverse osmosis” membrane. Within a closed desktop humidor, Boveda maintains a predetermined level of (RH) by releasing or absorbing purified water vapor as needed. Simply place the correct number of Boveda packets inside your humidor to maintain a precise relative humidity. The number to use depends on the cubic volume of the humidor, regardless of how many cigars are actually stored inside. As a guide, use two Bóveda humidifiers for a 50 count humidor, adding one humidifier for each additional 25 cigars. For example, a 25 to 50 count humidor would need two Boveda packets; a 75-count humidor would need three. The Boveda line also includes an 84% humidifier designed specifically for humidor seasoning, a two and 4 count Spanish cedar holder, and a hygrometer calibration kit.

Bovedau Humidifier Chart

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