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Trion 707U Humidifier
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The Trion 707U centrifugal atomizing humidifier system. Perfect for walk-in cigar humidors and wine cellars. The 707U incorporates all the features necessary to properly humidify a large area and is designed to connect directly to a water source. The 707U operate by dispersing a fine mist directly into the air. The Centrifugal atomizing humidifier operates on the principles of atomization and evaporation. A rotating impeller pulls water from a small reservoir, up through its impeller and slings it through a defusing screen. The force of the impact causes the water to break into tiny droplets which are subsequently discharged from the unit. After the atomized water has exited the unit, it evaporates and raises the relative humidity of the air. Once the proper humidity level is set, the humidistat will turns the unit on when below the set point, and off when the set point is reached.

Trion CB777 Humidifier System 30-310A Trion 707U Humidifier Motor 352728-001 Trion 707U Humidifier Motor Base
• Humidors Up to 3000 Cubic Feet
• Direct Water Feed

• Trion Part # 30-310A
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series

• Trion Part # 352728-001
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series

D98A Trion 707U Humidifier Impeller 352680 Trion 707U Humidifier Humidistat 35P Trion 707U Herrmidifier Center Pan
• Trion Part # D98A
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series

• Trion Part # 352680-002C
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series

• Trion Part # 35P
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series

Trion 707U Herrmidifier Float and Valve Assembly
• Trion Part # 92P
• Fits Trion 707U & 500 Series