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The Moist-n-Aire S-1000 electronic cigar humidifier is designed for display case, cabinet or end-table humidors up to 50 cubic feet, and is one of the most economical and widely used cigar humidifier systems. The Moist-n-Aire is available in two (2) models, the S-1000, and the S-1000R with remote humidistat. With its all stainless-steel construction, the Moist-n-Aire has a reservoir that holds approximately 2 quarts of water and a built in float so you can easily notice when water needs to be added.

Moist-n-Aire Cigar Humidifier S-1000 Moist-N-Aire S-1000R Cigar Cabinet Humidifier | BC Specialties
• Humidors up to 50 Cubic Feet
• Stainless Steel Construction

• Humidors up to 50 Cubic Feet
• Wired Remote Humidistat