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The Credo "3-in-1" Punch Cutter is a portable, simple-to-use tool that offers enthusiasts three separate punch sizes (6 mm, 10mm and 14mm) and is good for cutting cigars up to 60 ring gauge cigars. The Credo Synchro Cigar Cutter offers the best of both a guillotine and scissor cutter in one high quality and modern instrument that ensures a perfectly cut cigar every time.

Credo "3-in-1" Credo Synchro
Credo "3-in-1"
• 3 Punch Cutters / 1 Device
• Flip Open Design
• Cuts Up to 60 Ring Gauge
Six (6) Options

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Credo Synchro
• Stainless Steel Blades
• Double-Axis Synchronized Gear
• Self-Sharpening Blades
Six (6) Options

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